May-Bridge Harrows (logo)May-Bridge Harrows has been making the “Bridge” Chain Harrow for many, many years. And its clients have been very pleased with the orange piece of farm equipment, but some tasks requires a finer instrument.

The end of 2009 marks the launch of a brand new, smaller drag harrow: the “Bridge” Estate Harrow.

Bridge Estate Harrow 030And since the original Chain Harrows are renowned for its colour orange, we decided to give the smaller drag harrow a unique colour of its own: blue.

So now we can help you with both larger and smaller harrows:

  • Blue – the “Bridge” Estate Harrow
    A smaller, less aggressive harrow
    For light-weight uses and finer grooming at jumping arenas, deer plots, beach fronts, walking trails and lawn management.
    >> more information about the best versatile small harrow
  • Orange – the “Bridge” Chain Harrow
    A full-size, more aggressive drag harrow
    For bigger projects such as incorporating herbicides, hay and pasture, preparing seedbeds or manure spreading.
    >> more information on www.maybridgeharrows.com
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  1. info says:


    We currently have a 5ft working width on the “Estate Harrow” $345 and an attachment that allows you to attach two together making a 10 ft working width.The attachment is $35.
    We do manufacture larger harrows http://www.maybridgeharrows.com They come in sizes from 5ft 7ft 9ft 11ft all the way to 52 ft.