The Best, Most Versatile Harrow

Less aggressive – ideal for smaller jobs!

Strong, Durable and Versatile Harrows

May-Bridge Harrows has been making the “Bridge” Chain Harrow for many years. Clients have been very pleased with the orange Bridge Harrow, but some tasks require a finer instrument. For all those smaller harrow jobs the “Bridge” Estate Harrow was introduced in 2009, and quickly became a bestseller! Since the original Chain Harrows are identified by the colour orange, we decided to give the smaller drag harrow a unique colour of its own: blue.
Based on your needs, you can choose the right harrow:

The “Bridge” Estate Harrow

A smaller, less aggressive harrow

For light weight uses and finer grooming on jumping arenas, deer plots, beach fronts, walking trails and lawn management.

The “Bridge” Chain Harrow

A full-size, more aggressive drag harrow

For bigger projects such as hay and pasture, preparing seed beds, breaking up and spreading manure and incorporating herbicides.